A Bunion is a crooked big toe. Sometimes characterized as a big toe growing sideways. The big toe is angled toward the 2nd toe and a large, painful bump forms at the base of the big toe. Often, bunions run in families. At first, the bunion is only painful when wearing a dress shoe with a narrow, pointed toe box. As the toe becomes more crooked, the bunion hurts even when wearing sports shoes and shoes with a wide toe box. After giving up high fashion shoes, if the bunion is still painful and limits activity, surgery to correct the bunion can be considered. The goal of surgery is pain relief, NOT to create a “prettier foot” or make it possible to wear “high fashion” shoes. If tight pointed toe shoes are worn after surgery, most likely the bunion will come back.


Bunion correction is an outpatient surgery. Usually patients go home one to two hours after surgery when they are awake, eating, drinking, and using the restroom without difficulty. Typically, pain pills are started before going home, often before pain is experienced.

After Surgery Care

Please review your after surgery care instructions and our general after surgery care page. If you experience any issues or have questions related to your surgery call us immediately!

After surgery, the foot is covered with a bulky, compressive bandage. It is common to see blood on the bandage. It may seem like a lot of blood! But it isn’t. The blood spreads out as it is absorbed by the cotton gauze bandage – much like a drop of water spreads out on a paper towel. Do not worry about blood on the bandage. If the presence of blood bothers you, call the office and we will arrange a time for you to come in for the bandage to be changed.

Risks of Bunion Surgery:

Occasionally complications or problems such as the following occur during or after surgery. With every surgery there are general risks. Some specific risks of this surgery are:

Over or under correction of the deformity: This occurs infrequently due to technical issues of trying to balance the soft tissues on both sides of the joint.

After surgery, there may be continued pain or stiffness: It is uncommon to have continued pain. It is common to have a little stiffness in the toe after surgery, but it rarely causes a problem.