A neuroma occurs when a nerve in the foot becomes trapped under a ligament between the metatarsal heads which causes pain when standing and walking. This results in the nerve being pinched. The nerve responds by becoming inflamed and by forming a build-up of scar tissue in the nerve.

Usual symptoms may be pain usually between 3rd & 4th toes and numbness in the toes


  • Obtain wider shoes
  • Use a cushion to decrease pressure at the site of the Neuroma by transferring it to the metatarsal shaft area
  • Cortisone injection
  • Surgery

To place the metatarsal pad in the proper location in your shoe:

  1. Carefully palpate the bottom of your foot to find the areas of maximum tenderness. Usually you will find the most tender area directly under the neuroma in the ball of your foot.
  2. Mark the tender areas with a small amount of lipstick. (A color that is different than the inside of the shoe.) (Figure 1)
  3. Place your bare foot into the shoe and take 2-3 steps.
  4. Remove your shoe and locate the marks inside.
  5. Remove a small piece of the paper from the sticky surface of the metatarsal pad. Position the pad in the shoe so that the edge of the pad is at the edge of the spot or spots on the bottom of the shoe. (Figure 2) The position of the pad is very important. The position of the pad may need to be changed slightly to find the most comfortable and effective location. If the pad is too far up, pain will be worse. If the pad is too far back, it will not help.
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